Hi to Everyone!


Well, I finally tried it! I had been hearing some really good things about WordPress and I decided I’d give it a whirl! Oh, I’m sorry! I just sort of jumped in here! Let me start over!

My name (for those of you who don’t know) is Rebecca and this is my blog Within Me, A Lunatic Sings! I’m eighteen, a Christian and a home school graduate! I live on a small farm with my mom, dad and brother and sister! But hey, you can read more about me on my About page! Right now, I’d like to talk about the blog and what I plan to do with it!

On this blog (yes I have another but more on that later) I will try not to be so random and will try to stick to talking about: photography, DIY projects, books, writing, music, my future career as a physical fitness trainer and any and all things vintage! 😀 If you want to read more random things, then please check out my other blog at r-justme.blogspot.com . This is my busy blog (though I have been known to disappear) and it is WAY more random! But here I will try to be a little more serious! 😀

But please note!

I don’t do political stuff. I’m a conservative–and that’s all you need to know. I don’t do religious stuff either–I’m a Christian and that’s all you need to know. I just don’t believe that I’m mature enough to start sharing my opinions just yet. Maybe someday–but not any time soon! This blog is just going to be a fun place for me to share some of my hobbies and interests and meet people with similar and new interests! 😀 Please feel free to comment!! I LOVE comments! 😀

But anyway, please be patient as I try to figure WordPress out and as I navigate through this new blogging field! And I hope you enjoy my blog!


Your Ever Faithful Blogger,



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